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Horsemanship Radio Interviews Internationally Renowned Trainers

Monday, February 3rd, 2014

January 31, 2014 Solvang, California: Horse Radio Network announced recently the addition of on their network, the leader in equine podcasting. A podcast is nothing more than a radio show online.  The advantage over regular radio is the many choices for how and when to listen to the shows.  With podcasts you can listen on the website using the players in each show listings. Or download the shows off of the website and listen on an MP3 player. Also, the shows are found in i-Tunes for free. Subscribe to the shows for free in order to automatically receive them when they are published, then transfer them to an i-Pod or MP3 player. It is all about choices.  Once the show is on an MP3 player, listen while cleaning stalls, on a trail ride, or driving to a horse show. Podcasts are about choices.
The Horsemanship Radio Show is an online radio show (podcast) dedicated to the exploration of good horsemanship throughout the world. Sponsored by Index Fund Advisors and hosted by Debbie Roberts Loucks (Monty Roberts’ daughter) the show includes segments, tips and interviews exploring good horsemanship. Guests have included Olympians, Trainers, Farriers, and clinicians. Since launching in the fall of 2013, Monty Roberts, Joel Baker, Charlotte Bredahl, Dr. Robert Miller, Ada Gates, Joe Camp, Phillip Ralls, Carrie Scrima, Sean McCarthy, Sandy Collier, Mark Herthel, Julie Malick, Leigh Wills and Ann Lindberg have all contributed their knowledge of horsemanship.
Monty Roberts offered, in the premiere episode, that the time had come for the cross-discipline concepts of non-violent training be shared on the airwaves. He added that he supports the efforts of the Horse Radio Network and Horsemanship Radio.
Glenn Hebert of Horse Radio Network summed up the first quarter after adding Horsemanship Radio to the line-up saying “I am so thrilled at the response to the show. People are mentioning it in emails, etc.”  
Host Debbie Roberts Loucks shared that ‘Feel good about the direction horsemanship is going’ is the byline of the show and promised encouraging trends in the industry to be espoused in every episode. The shows are aired the 15th and 30th of every month and can be found here:
People can find it free on iTunes:
And Android:


Joe Camp on Monty’s EQUUS Online University

Friday, December 3rd, 2010

“I highly recommend Monty Roberts Equus Online University. I spend a lot of evenings with Monty via his University. It’s very inexpensive and the lessons are terrific, short and sweet, and available forever to review. No Level 1 and Level 2 nonsense. Just good things to know as you work with your horse. And the best thing I’ve seen in years on how to (easily) train your horse to side-step to you on the mounting block… and wait for you to mount. It’s sooo cool.”
Joe Camp
Editor’s note: Check out Monty’s EQUUS Online University at