I have believed for years that digestive health has a major impact on a horse’s happiness, performance and overall well-being. Just by owning and riding horses, we take them out of their natural environment. We keep them in stalls, we feed them grain, and we exercise them. All of this works against the horse’s digestive health.

I also believe there is something you can do to care for your horse’s digestive system. I’ve been using a product called SUCCEED® on my performance horses for a few years now, with tremendous results.

Recently I met with the people at Freedom Health, LLC, the company behind SUCCEED®. I met with the scientists, and saw their research on horses’ stomachs and colons. I visited their farm where the idea for SUCCEED® was launched. And I can tell you SUCCEED® is the real deal. No flim flam here.

SUCCEED® is a daily Functional Feed™ program that delivers specialized nutrients that allow the horse’s gut to function properly. If you compete and train your horses daily, if your regular care includes boarding in stalls, travel to events, and minimal turnout, then you need SUCCEED®.

If you ride your horse for pleasure, with less grain in the diet and less stress, your horse is still susceptible to digestive imbalance.  If you love your horses like I do, you still want to give them the best care available. Now I have a special SUCCEED® product just for you. The all new “Monty Roberts” SUCCEED® for Leisure Horses provides the same important nutrients in a special serving just for the leisure horse.

Click here to purchase SUCCEED. Or visit the SUCCEED website to learn more.

You can now also have your horses tested, to see if they have significant digestive health problems like ulcers in the stomach or colon. The new SUCCEED® Equine Fecal Blood Test is available only from your veterinarian. To learn more, visit their website at www.SucceedFBT.com or ask your veterinarian.