Effective long-lining has numerous benefits for training and conditioning horses. This class aims to teach you these benefits, the advantages of long-lining over single-line lunging and the skills required to long-line effectively. You will benefit most from taking this class after the Join-Up clinic, as the round pen skills have their roots in Join-Up. The two classes are always scheduled together. Course includes a subscription to Monty’s Equus Online. This online learning tool will support your continuing education in Monty’s methods.


  • Non-violent approach to working with a horse
  • The language of ‘EQUUS’
  • Benefits of long lining with two lines
  • Disadvantages of single line lunging
  • Tacking up and attaching double long lines
  • Working the horse on double long lines
  • Different speeds and directions
  • Different locations
  • Ongoing double long line training

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