Instructor Caroline Jennings


Caroline Jennings began her training in Monty Roberts concepts in 2004 and became a Certified Instructor in 2008. She returned to Ireland to set up Equus Training Ireland; a facility to educate humans and horses in these non-violent concepts. Caroline now splits her time between Ireland, Australia and Monty’s farm, in the USA. Caroline has had a passion for horses and riding from an early age. She attended Monty’s demonstrations in Ireland in the early 90′s and dreamed of working with horses in this way. Choosing horses as her career path, Caroline went to the UK in 2001 where she studied a 4-year BSc degree in Equine and Human Sport Science at Warwickshire College, graduating with honors in 2005. Caroline has assisted Monty Roberts in many areas worldwide, including seminars, demonstrations, veteran courses and private consultancy for professionals in many disciplines. Caroline is passionate about her work, training horses and introducing Monty’s methods to people of all ages and horses worldwide through demonstrations, courses and equine assisted therapy.



Sarah attended her first Monty Roberts demonstration at age 11 and the experience opened her eyes to the relationship dynamic between horses and humans. This affected her approach to horses over the next 15 years of her life. Sarah progressed to the top of the Three-day Eventing scene by age 16, representing Ireland internationally. Sarah has competed in Dressage, Show Jumping and of course Eventing throughout her youth and adulthood. After graduating as a Structural Engineer at 23, Sarah had reconnected with Monty’s work at his ranch as a post-graduation holiday to complete her first Join-up course in summer 2008. So began her journey with Monty and his teachings. She completed her Advanced exams by August 2010, and in November 2013 she became a certified Monty Roberts Instructor.

Phone: +353 (0)872302991

 Instructor Caitriona O'Meara


Caitriona has always been a people-centered and horse-centered person. She started riding at 8 and saved up and bought her first pony at 12 with a little help! She studied to be a Secondary school teacher and has been teaching for the last 12 years. She is also a qualified Equine Assisted Learning Facilitator. She was appointed coordinator of the Horsemanship Courses at higher education levels 5 and 6 in her school.

 In 2010, Caitriona did her first Join-Up Course and progressed from there. She became a Monty Roberts’ Instructor in 2014, and is now one of three certified instructors in Ireland. Caitriona wants to help people create a bond with their horses that is rooted in trust, while also imparting the skills necessary to improve the relationship and partnership between them.

Phone: +35 386 375 3341


Padraic was born into a family whose association with horses goes back generations. After working in various sectors of the equine industry including show jumping, showing, racing and breeding he qualified as a Riding Instructor and owns Drummindoo Stud and Equitation Centre on the West Coast of Ireland. He felt that traditional methods did not always meet the needs of the horse and he believed that if people could understand and communicate better with horses, life would be better not only for the horses but for people too.

After discovering Monty’s Concepts he realized that there was a way to achieve this. Deciding to learn more he traveled initially to the UK to study with Kelly Marks, then to the MRILC in California to further his education in this trust based non-violent way of training horses and qualified as a Certified Monty Roberts’ Instructor in 2015. Padraic welcomes the opportunity to introduce people to Monty’s Concepts by running courses and clinics in the future.

Phone: 00 353 87 2713974


 Instructor Claire Connaghan


Claire Connaghan is from Donegal, in the North West of Ireland. She grew up having horses from a very young age and rides mostly English but loves the Western style, too. Her career with horses began with studies in equine science, which led her to work in the racing industry for 10 years. She then trained as a riding instructor and has worked in Australia on a stud farm and on a cattle station.

On returning from Australia, she opened a trekking center, where she offered pony trekking and started and trained young horses. Claire is trained as a Certified Equine Sports Massage Therapist. She has always had a soft spot for Thoroughbreds, and when she’s not training horses at home she works in the thoroughbred sales industry in Ireland and the UK, which is where she wishes to help improve the miscommunications that sometimes leads to what people describe as behavioral problems.

Claire began to specialize in Monty Roberts’ methods in 2014 and completed her instructor certificate in 2016. She travels between the USA and Ireland alongside Monty training horses and offers courses from home in Donegal. She provides home visits to your yard to work with you and your horse. Claire was also certified as a Monty Roberts Lead-Up Instructor in 2018 to work with at-risk youth. Claire will return to Ireland in May 2019.

Phone: +353 871466935






The Introductory and Advanced courses provide a strong foundation in Monty’s methods. They are valuable in their own right, but are also part of the process to become an Instructor. The Introductory course can be completed with any of our Certified Instructors worldwide. Some teach it in different formats, but the content and qualification are the same. For some students, the Introductory course provides all of the skill they need to be successful with their horses. 

For those who want to further their skills, or become professionals in the industry, the next step is the Advanced course, which can only be completed at Flag Is Up Farms in California. Monty will be present for the Advanced Exams. After successful completion of the exams, students who show potential to become Instructors will be invited to complete an Internship, which is the final stage in becoming an Instructor. The internship consists of a minimum of three months here at Flag Is Up Farms. Accommodation is provided and there are no fees for this stage, but you are responsible for your own living costs. You will work as part of the MRILC (Monty Roberts International Learning Center ) team, continue to improve your skills with project horses and learn how to teach the courses. Monty and the resident Instructors will support and assess you throughout your stay, and if they are satisfied with your progress, you will become a Certified Instructor. Instructors are qualified to teach Horsemanship 101, Join-Up and Long-lining clinics, as well as the Introductory course.



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