Horse Sense & Healing

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08/19/16 - 08/21/16 All day
The Monty Roberts International Learning Center (MRILC)
Address: 901 E Hwy 246, Solvang, CA, United States


Our program Horse Sense & Healing is designed for veterans suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Through Join-Up we teach soldiers to learn to regulate their emotions and return to their pre-war behavioral selves. In the last 5 years, Horse Sense and Healing has helped 250+ soldiers.

Donations and Grants

Our Horse Sense and Healing clinics are free-of-charge to veterans and run solely on donations and grants. Help us put these deserving veterans and their families through this program by Spreading the Word, Sponsoring a Veteran, or by Making a Donation.

Monty on Horse Sense & Healing

“The results are coming in and the outcome is fantastic. We have people laughing and getting back to a normal life who have been afflicted with PTSD for upwards of 35 years. All the way from Vietnam to Afghanistan, these injured warriors come home in a terrible state and need our help to get back to the civilized world. The horses are doing their work with incredible efficiency. The outcome has been so significant that I have decided to write a book about this work. I will tell you more about it in due time. For now, enjoy the extraordinary stories about horses healing people in the video.”


  • Self awareness exercise deals effectively with emotional trauma, anti-social behavior, withdrawal, anger, stress, Post Traumatic Stress Injury (PTSI)
  • Veterans and horses develop a special bond built upon mutual trust and respect
  • Veterans learn how to control their anger, confront painful memories, cope with real-life situations, move on with their lives and relationships
  • Non-violent approach to working with the horse
  • The language of ‘Equus’
  • Building a trust-based partnership
  • How horses learn
  • Join-Up and Follow Up™
  • Dually halter work
  • Round pen work

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