Welcome Cavallo Horse and Rider Inc!

Cavallo Horse & Rider Inc. is honoured to be united with Monty Roberts in playing a vital role in the comfort of horses across North America and around the world.

At Cavallo, you will discover the exceptional Total Comfort System Saddle Pads Monty found and purchased at his local tack shop near his Flag Is Up Farms in California. He was so impressed that he contacted Cavallo and offered his support for what he calls “the most comfortable saddle pad in the world.”

Monty is passionate about comfort, believing horses are most willing when free of physical pain. ~ Carole Herder, Cavallo President

Monty Roberts and Carole Herder

Carole Herder, President of Cavallo, and Monty

I have asked Cavallo to provide you with direct access to the fine products at Cavallo Horse and Rider. As an Equus Online University Student, you will be offered great prices, special discounts and exclusive promotions with your EOU Student ID. ~ Monty

Not a registered student of the EOU yet? Click here: https://www.montyroberts.com/university  

“The lessons I share on my Equus Online University are of a quality far greater than anything I have been able to communicate before. Access to these weekly video lessons will give students the tools they need to achieve breakthrough results with their horse. I am thrilled to be able to help people become lifelong students of non-violent training.” ~ Monty Roberts

Already a Equus Online University Student?

 Your first order will be discounted $50USD or 25% off; whichever is greater. After that order, come back often for your ongoing 10% student discount, always good at Cavallo Horse and Rider towards the purchase of any Cavallo product as long as you remain a registered student of the Equus Online University. Go to www.cavallo-inc.com, enter your items for purchase and the Promotional Code: MontyUni followed by your membership number and the shopping cart will automatically calculate your discount. Have fun shopping and have fun learning.

Don’t worry, if you’re not ready to shop right now, we will keep you informed of other excellent deals and you will automatically be entered into a draw for the chance to win $500 worth of products from Cavallo Horse & Rider.

These offers are only available in North America at http://www.cavallo-inc.com/lp/monty-roberts.html  or by calling toll free 1 877 818-0037, meant strictly for personal use, and not for commercial resale.