Ask Monty: Why is my horse aggressive at feeding time?


Question: What do you do with a mare that pins her ears when you feed her? Monty's Answer: If a horse should own any part of the day, it's when they're eating. When you feed a horse, leave them alone. Get the feed to them as easily as you can without mixing in at all, [...]

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Join-Up in the Classroom


Whose Classroom Is It? by Stephen Taylor with Commentary by Monty Roberts When one discovers something by accident or a number of meaningful events seem to happen by coincidence, I am never quite sure whether the right word to use is serendipity or synchronicity. However, I prefer to think of it as Joseph Jaworski describes [...]

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Shy Boy Helps Wild American Mustangs


Monty Roberts and his most famous mustang Shy Boy, the authors of two new children's books are proud to partner with ACTHA  to benefit mustangs through the Mustang Heritage Foundation. ACTHA and Monty joined in support of the mission to increase the number of adoptions of American Mustangs. The sales of I’m Shy Boy, The [...]

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