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What (Monty) achieves with a horse is a metaphor for a style of management – employees will produce exceptional results if they are treated with dignity, respect, and honesty.” ~ Clive Warrilow, CEO and President of Volkswagen North America

Monty International speaker

People, like horses, perform much better if they are willing partners rather than obedient participants. At the heart of Monty’s methods is a belief that with trust you will gain cooperation, that with listening you will spark motivation. Within the trust based, willing relationship between horse and human, a lesson lies in store for human to human communication as well. Over the years Monty and his wife Pat have raised three children of their own, in addition to 47 foster children. The lessons they’ve learned about change and the human spirit mirror those that Roberts has seen with horses.

For centuries, humans have said to horses, ‘You do what I tell you or I’ll hurt you.’ Humans still say that to each other – still threaten, force and intimidate. I’m convinced that my discoveries with horses have value in the workplace, in the educational and penal systems, and in the raising of children. At heart, I’m saying that no one else has the right to say ‘you must’ to an animal – or to another human.” ~Monty Roberts

Corporate executives, educators, psychologists and experts who work with victims and violent victimizers, autistic children or in the field of substance abuse, study Monty’s methods to learn how they might apply these same trust-based communication and training principles to their own work. In Monty’s experience with over 250 major companies (see below), he has seen the same dynamics at work, time and time again.

Watch Monty Speaking Out about Non-Violence: “Monty Roberts Keynote Speaker”


Monty Roberts Corporate Events“I just wanted to personally thank Mr. Roberts for his recent keynote address and supportive commentary for hippotherapy sessions at the Texas Speech Language Hearing Association. You had an amazing impact upon our membership and it was a thrill for me to spend the day with you. Thank you for your non-violent work with horses and your work with foster children. You are truly a gifted man!”


Tiffany Sears Leach, M.S., CCC/SLP
Speech Language Pathologist
TSHA Councilor

“On behalf of the Straus Institute for Dispute Resolution, Pepperdine Law School’s LL.M. Class of 2007 and myself, thank you for an inspirational presentation and discussion of “Join-Up” and its human-to-human applications. Your message has direct relevance to the theory and practice of dispute resolution and was greatly appreciated by all who attended. I am sure that was obvious to you from the questions and enthusiastic response from the students.

I hope you enjoyed your visit to Pepperdine and the interaction with our students. We all hope that you will be able and willing to return to share your knowledge and wisdom with future classes.”

Sincerely, Jack McCrory

John P. McCrory
Professor of Law
Straus Institute for Dispute Resolution
Pepperdine University

“I just wanted to write an email to thank you Monty for the input and opportunity to spend two days hearing about your work and how it applies to life in general.

It was a great course and was great for Tara’s team in so many ways!

Again thank you so much for your time and I feel very privileged to have worked with you over those two days.”

All the best,

Kim Coates
HR Director
XYZNetworks, Australia

Monty is available on a limited basis for public speaking engagements. To find out more on fees and availability, contact us.