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Learn how to Join-Up in Equus Uni QWhat is Join-Up and why do you send the horses away from you when you begin to work with them?Join-Up is the training of horses using their language to establish trust. As I do Join-Up, I am dealing in the language of equus. I have learned that horses use ‘sending away’ within the family group. I have concluded that they do not regard this as an act of violence, but a use of temporary isolation as a form of discipline. There is no hitting and there is no force. The horses do not resent me for this, and they soon come to me as a friend. The horseman who does not understand why I send horses away has not yet learned the language of the horse. It is a part of their natural communication process. If I regarded it as violent, I would stop it at once, but it is not.If I can help remedial horses with this method, as I do for approximately 500 each year, then why would I ever stop doing it? These horses often come to me with the statement that if I can’t fix them, they will go to the slaughterhouse. I am successful with virtually all of them, and if you read the horses, they will tell you that they appreciate the work I do. Remember, Lomitas was banned from racing worldwide, and the best people of Germany tried to overcome his problem for months before they called me. He raced successfully ten days after I met him and has been a friend of humans since that time. Lomitas is one of the most successful Thoroughbred stallions in the world today; ask him if he agrees with my methods?
Learn how to load in Equus Uni QLoading a horse seems to be one of the great problem areas. Why can’t you just put some food in the back of the trailer and wait for the horse to go in?

One could certainly do that, and horsemen often do. It is a problem if one never teaches the horse follow your requests to load. There will be times when the horse is not hungry, and it might take hours and hours before it decides to go in. With my system, the horse learns to load as a partner with you and allows the horseman the opportunity to enjoy a relationship with a horse that will load every time and with no stress.
Master the mounting block in Equus Uni QAs I go to mount my horse, he blasts away in fear… not a safe way to start the ride. Do you have any learning tools to help me?In my educational DVD called Fix-Up has a part of three hours and 15 minutes actual footage of a horse that wouldn’t stand for mounting. You will see that a Dually Halter is most effective in the schooling process for horses that won’t stand to mount. I recently worked with a Tennessee Walking Horse that had injured a man in his sixties who was a good rider for decades. It took me about a half an hour to get this horse ‘bomb proof’ regarding mounting.
QMy horse is absolutely terrified of bicycles and becomes quite dangerous in the presence of one.Can you help us?My recommendation is to school to the Dually Halter so that you have full control of your horse. One needs to stop down any desire to blast away from you at the sight of a bicycle. Once you have achieved complete control, then you can begin to present sights such as bicycles passing by and begin desensitization. Should you choose, you can get the DVD Gentling Your Spooky Horse and by executing these procedures you can change the mindset of your horse.
Learn about Horse Health in Equus Uni QMy horse is fed well and cared for, but I still wonder if she has digestive health issues. Is this possible? What can I do?Yes, horses have delicate guts, and even pleasure horses can have problems, because they can’t graze constantly, or we keep them in stalls. There is a product called SUCCEED that can really help. It’s natural and helps keep the horse’s stomach and colon working like they should. I asked SUCCEED to develop a version especially for the leisure horse. Click here for more information.
QI can’t do Join-Up because I don’t have a Round Pen.The round pen is not the critical factor in applying these concepts. It is a convenient place in which to work. Should you use a square pen, horses will tend to “stop down” their energy in the corners. If you take a square pen and panel the corners off (or use jump poles or bales of hay) you effectively create an octagon. This nearly round enclosure will work very effectively.
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