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A celebrated artist, Pat (née Burden) Roberts’ sculptures are moving and artistic testaments to an extraordinary life well lived. Pat has received many awards for her works of art. An accomplished horsewoman in her own right, Pat has traveled around the globe helping her husband Monty spread his message that violence is never the answer.

Many times after one of Monty’s powerful demonstrations, Pat has found herself in the position of being a confidante to spectators who suddenly recalled their own abuse—or even an abuser himself who broke down while experiencing Monty’s demonstration of his nonviolent Join-Up training principles. She has collected many fans herself and still receives letters from these people who credit her with helping them take the first step toward healing.

In addition to raising three biological children and countless horses, Pat and Monty also served as foster parents to 47 children over the years, many of whom return regularly to Flag Is Up Farms.

Flag Is Up Farms, Pat and Monty’s home, has become an in-demand destination for corporate events, last year hosting more than 40 businesses. A gracious hostess, Pat enjoys meeting and greeting executives from companies such as Bristol-Myers, Hallmark, and Sun Microsystems as well as hundreds of others that have taken advantage of the beautiful location and hospitality of the Roberts.

Additionally, Pat has been instrumental to Join~Up® International, a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting gentle, more effective alternatives to violence and force in both equine and human relationships. Applying principles such as Monty’s Join-Up methods, horses serve as a metaphor a vehicle for this learning process.

In May 2004, Pat was honored by the Girl Scouts of Tres Condados as the “2004 Woman of Distinction.” Pat and Monty are also sponsoring a Join-Up® badge through the Monty Roberts Equestrian Academy at Flag Is Up Farms.

With all the accolades she and her family have received, all the visitors, celebrities, international royalty, and success, Pat is still noted for her down-to-earth, warm personality and her willingness to reach out to humans – or horses – who could use a hand.

You can read more about Pat the artist on her website: www.PatRobertsSculpture.com