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Monty’s Spring Night of Inspiration and Workshop

Tuesday, March 18th, 2014

The Corporate Learning Institute Partners Up with Monty Roberts for Workshops in Personal and Professional Development in Solvang, California

March 18, 2014 Solvang, California: Founded in 1992, The Corporate Learning Institute (CLI) of Wheaton, Illinois has been a leading provider of effective management consultation and active experiential learning services. CLI offers leadership development training workshops; instructional design services; and performance coaching; providing companies with the option of engaging in customized training that aims to strengthen businesses from the inside out to make for sturdier establishments and comfortable workplace environments.

Now, in partnership with the famous equestrian and New York Times bestselling award-winning author Monty Roberts, The Corporate Learning Institute will feature workshops in personal and professional development. These series of organizational training workshops take place on Roberts’ Flag Is Up Farms in Solvang, California. The workshops are based upon the experience and alternative teachings of Mr. Roberts whose principles and concepts have been applied to schools, organizational and corporate settings, personal development workshops, and returning veterans suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder.

Participants in this CLI Special Program have the option of choosing from three workshops: 

1. Life Lessons from The Man Who Listens to Horses
 Change Your Life One Chapter at a Time;
2. The Leadership Challenge Program
Trust-Based Leadership Training at Flag Is Up Farms;
3. Building Effective Teams
High Performance Team Building Workshop at Flag Is Up Farms.

Through these workshops, people are given the opportunity to share in such experiences as personal action plan coaching sessions and live demonstrations of Monty Roberts’ Join-Up® which incorporate the use of hands-on learning, the way adults learn best.

For more information about the Corporate Learning Institute, please visit: For more information about May 31, June 1 please write to or phone 805-688-6288.


Episode 12: Cowgirl Hall of Famer and the Stolen Horses Story

Saturday, March 15th, 2014


Debi Metcalfe talks about why she started Stolen Horse International and what to do and not do in the event your equine partner goes missing . Audrey O’Brien Griffen is a Hall of Famer with an amazing story of leaving home as a teenager to perform Roman Riding with legends like Casey Tibbs and still ropes and rides today.  Ann Lindberg shares a tip.  

Listen in…

Horsemanship Radio Episode 12 by Index Fund Advisors






Carlos Gracida [1960-2014]

Monday, March 3rd, 2014
It was a devastating message that came through to me last week. The loss of Carlos Gracida was certainly unexpected and weighs heavy on me under the circumstances of our relationship and all that he meant to the horses we love.  
Carlos Gracida was a dedicated athlete able to rise to number one in the world. At the same time, he had a quiet dignity about him that the world of polo has rarely seen. Carlos could and did associate with royalty and at the same time possessed the humility that allowed him to strike deep friendships with the ordinary working people of the game he loved so much.  
Carlos will be missed by each and every person who met him, but he left us all with the hope and confidence of better times to come.
The game of polo is immensely better off for having known Carlos Gracida and the horses that play this game will be thankful for his presence for generations to come.  
Carlos and his brother Memo, along with Adolfo Cambiaso were the first to take the message of non-violent training to Argentina and throughout the game the brothers excelled in. The loss of Carlos ignites within me the desire to press forward in the work that was noted by Queen Elizabeth II at Guards Polo Club, June 24, 2012. I am certain that Carlos would encourage me to press even harder on my goal to leave polo in a better place because of the techniques he, Memo and Adolfo took to Argentina beginning about five years ago.
It’s only fair to say that Joel Baker was the first to introduce me to Carlos, Memo and Adolfo. He brought them to my farm and started a relationship that caused the trio to bring “breakers” from Argentina to learn the value of the methods that I use in the early training of horses for any discipline. Joel played on a winning US team and came to have an extremely close relationship with the Gracida brothers. I feel certain that Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth would want us to take even more seriously the meaning of the certificate that Her Majesty presented to Carlos. It is my opinion that, if not now, in the near future the world of polo will know the value of Carlos, Memo, Adolfo and Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II.


Episode 11: The Roundtable, 300 Years of Horsemanship

Saturday, March 1st, 2014


An unbelievable roundtable discussing horsemanship today with Monty Roberts, Eitan Beth-Alchemy, Richard Winters, Dr. Robert Miller and Tom Spalding.  Plus, hear all about Light Hands Horsemanship and Monty explains ritualistic habituation.  Listen in…

Horsemanship Radio Episode 11 by Index Fund Advisors