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Biting flanks can be a sign of pain

Wednesday, November 30th, 2011

There are times when biting is a behavioral sign of hindgut sensitivity caused by ulcers in the colon. Ulcers can lead to colic, so it is critical to get a complete vet check on horses showing these signs. Please take time to review this explanation from John Hall, the President of Freedom Health, in view of studies recently conducted on horses and hindgut sensitity leading to colic.

Communication from John Hall, President of Freedom Health:

In reference to the blog post on the young lady that wrote about her horse “starting to bite when asked to canter”,  it is worth asking if there have been changes in the way this horse is fed and managed. Cantering requires more collection, which puts pressure from the hind legs on the abdomen, plus the horse appears not to like having any lower leg pressure from the rider. These are signals of hindgut sensitivity.

Usually, the horse will somehow put up with some discomfort, then finally rebel (which is totally against its instincts) as conditions worsen. When it does rebel, someone has to find out what is causing this, rather than assume it is simply a newly learned “bad behavior”.

Monty mentions spurs as a possible cause. We would suggest that, while we totally concur, it’s less likely if this hasn’t occurred previously (unless the young lady has just started with spurs). By far the most prevalent issue is colonic ulceration. Based on our most recent study, 88% of 262 horses had colonic ulcers.

Please study our White Paper on “Colic & Colonic Ulcers”. Most colics are “idiopathic”, the term used by vets to describe that they have no idea of what caused the colic. This covers virtually 19 of every 20 incidences. Tasha’s horse appears to be exhibiting some of the early signals of hind gut dysfunction: the paper is worth reading. Click here to view it as a PDF. Read more about Freedom Health and Succeed here:


I hope this helps, and that Tasha stays in touch.

John Hall
Freedom Health LLC
65 Aurora Industrial Pkwy
Aurora, OH 44202-8088


Horses and Soldiers

Wednesday, November 30th, 2011

veterans horses and soldiers

Monty Roberts has developed an equine assisted program for veterans with symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). This three-day workshop is provided by the Wood-Claeyssens Foundation and it takes place at Flag Is Up Farms, in California.

Upcoming clinic dates:
December 9, 10 and 11
January 20, 21, 22

Photo credit: Jana Widdecke and  Giulia Orth


Monty Roberts’ Centaur Method

Wednesday, November 30th, 2011

After closely observing the horse industry for more than 70 years now, I have been able to establish any changes that might have occurred when dealing with headshy horses. Many recent events would clearly indicate to the horse world that the concepts of schooling the headshy horse have remained essentially the same for the past 70 years and possibly much further back than that.

This video represents the first full disclosure of the entirely new concept that I have discovered, which we will call the Monty Roberts Centaur Method. This is the act of riding a quiet, cooperative horse while building on the platform established through Join-Up, Follow-Up and the use of the Dually Halter to work with the headshy horse from a different position than handling from the ground.

The importance of the centaur training method of is not likely to be fully appreciated until tens of thousands of horsepeople see it. It is desperately needed on a global basis because it sets the pattern for nonviolent training. It clearly illustrates how effective it is to communicate in the absence of violence, force or intimidation.

It is my opinion that the discovery I have made, that I will call ‘centaur’, will eventually change the world of dealing with headshy horses. It is my hope that from there is will go on to significantly reduce the number of headshy horses that are created by individuals who know no other way but force.

– Monty Roberts

What are the benefits of Monty Roberts’ Centaur Training Method?
Safe approach to touching sensitive areas of headshy horses
Effective in dealing with even the most phobic headshy horses
Successful in building trust between trainer and headshy horse
Fast method to help headshy horses overcome their fears

Why does it work?
– It provides the fearful horse with a calm companion horse
– It initially reshapes the human and presents the fearful stimulus (touching the head) into a new form (trainer + horse = centaur) that the phobic horse does not immediately mistrust


It Runs in the Family: The Legacy of Lomitas

Wednesday, November 30th, 2011

lomitas and monty roberts

In 2004 I wrote a book called The Horses in My Life. In it was a chapter titled Lomitas and the German Dynasty. Recently several events occurred that have proven my last paragraph regarding my all-time favorite racehorse has come true in the most electryfying way. The paragraph stated Lomitas’s second life at stud may prove even more important than his first life as a racehorse. He was a champion racehorse and a champion sire, and at the time of publishing in 2004 Lomitas’s offsppring had won nearly $8,000,000. At this writing I have no idea how many millions have been added to that amount.

On October 1 the Gr. I Prix de l’Arc de Triomphe race at Longchamps France was run and the name Danedream will be forever in the history books as winning by one of the longest margins in the history of this prestigious race. The newspress described the efforts of Danedream as one of the  outstanding all time performances by a race horse. Not only was she a filly, but she had  to compete with the colts. To me the most exciting thing was that she was sired by Lomitas. Little did I know how prophetic my statement about Lomitas becoming an outstanding sire would be proven beyond a doubt in the year 2011, seven years later.

Since that time Lomitas has produced many champion racehorses and champion stallions who are too numerous to list.  In that same week that Danedream won the Prix de l’Arc de Triomphe, a horse by the name Silvaner won the Gr.3 Baden-Wurttemberg-Trophy in Germany and was also sired by Lomitas. This three-year-old comes from the same crop as Danedream, and in winning this race she had to battle fiercely with two other outstanding racehorses, one of which was also sired by Lomitas. Silvaner was bred by Gestut Fahrhof, as was Lomitas.

Lomitas’s dynasty lives on and it makes my heart warm to know that this gorgeous, intelligent Thoroughbred stallion was able to prove his greatness not only on the track but also in the stud barn.


Nurture trust by meeting your horse’s needs

Wednesday, November 30th, 2011

How do you nurture trust in your relationship with horses? If you can find the thing that they do well and praise them for it, it is so much better than waiting for them to do something bad and punishing them for it. Watch this historic video of Monty training Blushing ET for inspiration to meet the needs of your loved ones, be they equine or human.


Discover CENTAUR – See The Free Uni Lesson!

Tuesday, November 22nd, 2011

Celebrating the success of Monty’s groundbreaking Centaur educational series, in the Monty Roberts Equus Online University, Monty has chosen to offer one of the first Centaur lessons free to all. Watch the lesson right here on Monty’s homepage!

Discover the remarkable potential for making progress, with very difficult horses, using the Centaur approach. This method empowers everyone to abandon old fashioned and fear inducing methods, such as the tying of legs, and become a “different animal” in your horse’s eyes: a human horse – CENTAUR!

Watch this groundbreaking and remarkable lesson now. You’re sure to be hooked – if you want to follow the exploits of Rocky and others in this remarkable series of 18 video lessons on Monty Roberts’ University, join the Uni and see the entire run.

Never tried the Uni? That’s OK. Access it for free, for one week, on a limited basis using this promo code: CENTAUR101

Just head over to the Equus Online Uni and enter the code now: Equus Online Uni sign-in


Performance Horses: Heartless Nicki

Monday, November 21st, 2011

Heartless Nicki is a 2009 filly. This lovely bay Quarter Horse mare was started under saddle using Monty Roberts training methods.

November 2011 video:



Monty Roberts Willing Partners™: Heza Rustic QT

Monday, November 21st, 2011

Heza Rustic QT is a flashy Willing Partners Program horse in training at Flag Is Up Farms. He was started and continues to be trained with Monty Roberts’ force-free methods. He is a 2009 red roan tobiano gelding. If you are interested in having Rusty join your herd, email

November 2011 video:



Monty Roberts Willing Partners™: Celebrity Sugar Daddy

Thursday, November 17th, 2011

Born in 2009, Celebrity Sugar Daddy is a grullo roan Quarter Horse gelding. He was started in training at Flag Is Up Farm using Monty’s force-free horsemanship methods, and he is part of the Willing Partners Program.

Enjoy his progress videos below! If you are interested in Celebrity Sugar Daddy, email

November 2011 video:



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Thursday, November 10th, 2011

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