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Ask Monty Roberts July 20.11

Thursday, July 21st, 2011

When you are working with a horse (especially a wild one), do you work with the horse until it is coming in to you or can you do it over a few days, leaving it when it is licking and chewing and looking in to you but not coming up? It’s a lot for me to remember in one session. Thanks, Dee

Monty’s Answer:
I am glad you are taking the time to learn Join-Up well. It is a conversation in the horse’s own language. Study Join-Up like an immersion course. Learn what I have observed for over 50 years. The language is there. Don’t try to reinvent it.

The conversation doesn’t stop and start over a few days. There is a lot to remember when it is unfamiliar but use a gentle horse to learn from. Study my Equus Online University; it exists to teach you the language. I always do Join-Up in a complete conversation, in a very short time.


New! Riding 101 clinic at Monty’s farm

Thursday, July 21st, 2011
August 22-24, 2011: First Steps to Riding with Confidence
Riding 101 @ The Monty Roberts Learning Center
Three-day clinic
An ideal class for people of all ages wanting to reconnect with their desire to ride a horse – you do not need to have experience or even have your own horse. Let us create the ultimate road map to being on your horse that will make you want to carry on riding and spend more time in the saddle.
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Ask Monty!

Friday, July 8th, 2011

Monty’s latest Question and Answer: Which qualities should a person have if they would like to work with horses?

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