Dually Halter Small (with DVD)

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Small Dually Halter in Red

Monty's Patented Schooling Halter


The Dually Training Halter designed by Monty, is a patented schooling halter which effectively rewards horses for acting in partnership with the handler. This useful training aid will help get the most out of your work when leading, loading, long-lining, as a bitless bridle and more.

  • Can be used as either a standard halter OR as a training aid
  • Adjustable double noseband
  • High quality brass hardware is designed to breakaway under extreme pressure
  • Left & right side rings offer lateral control
  • Double stitched nylon for maximum durability
  • Comes with instructional booklet and DVD


Small size fits medium-large ponies and weanlings of most horse breeds, as well as yearlings of large breeds and arabian adults 300-700 pounds (Please note that the size of the head matters more in fitting a Dually than the weight of the horse)

Sizes are in the colors in brackets – Extra Small (green), Small (red), Medium (black), Large (blue)

The Dually color is according to size.
The Extra Small Size is Green
The Small Size is Red
The Medium Size is Black
The Large Size is Blue

Small (Red) Dually Measurements

Nose- Minimum 19.5 in (49,5 cm), Maximum 31 in (78,7 cm)
Head- Minimum 29 in (73,7 cm), Maximum 39.5 in (100,3 cm)
Cheek- From Ring – Ring 7 in (17,8 cm)



Join Equus Online Uni today! Equus Online University subscribers can purchase this product at a reduced price. Monty designed and developed his educational line of products to make it easy for you to learn from his videos, use his equipment and become a better partner with your horse.
This product supports that process and is offered as an integral part of Monty’s concepts using the nature of Equus. Designed and developed by Monty Roberts. Learn how to subscribe here to be eligible for the discount: www.MontyRoberts.com/university





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