Olympians and Horse Gentlers Raise Funds for Foster Kids

November 30th, 2017
November 30, 2017 Solvang, CA:  There’s nothing better at this time of year than a way to help kids smile. Monty Roberts and his wife Pat, raised 47 foster kids during their 60 year marriage so they were happy to hear that the annual Horse Radio Network (HRN) Radiothon decided to champion the cause of foster kids at Christmas this year. Jamie Massey Jennings, co-host of Horse In the Morning suggested an organization, HCKids.org, who are doing a good job of foster care and adoption. Before the 12 hour Radiothon was over $2,727 was raised for Christmas gifts for the kids in foster care. 
Monty’s Horsemanship Radio Hour has earned a reputation for bringing on some fascinating guests in past Radiothons. The first year the Radiothon was launched, it was the Horsemanship Radio Hour that overloaded the server with listeners and callers in to the Bob Baffert interview just after he won the Triple Crown as trainer for American Pharoah. It had been 37 years since Affirmed won the elusive Triple Crown and listeners wanted to hear how much the milestone meant to this accomplished trainer. Baffert didn’t disappoint. The full interview can be heard here http://www.horsemanshipradio.com/2015/12/15/horsemanship-radio-episode-54-by-index-fund-advisors-ifa-com-american-pharoah-trainer-bob-baffert-last-chance-mustang-author-bornstein-trailer-loading-tip-from-lee-hanssen/
This year Roberts brought in star power with Olympian Boyd Martin, an international three-day eventer representing the USA. The pair spoke of training horses and meeting soon at the Master Series upcoming in January at Galway Downs in Temecula, California https://us.westcoastdressagefestival.com/temecula-ca-january-6-2017-general-admission/ The Radiothon interview can be heard here  http://radiothon.horseradionetwork.com/ and the full interview will be posted on February 1, 2018 on HorsemanshipRadio.com 
In keeping with Roberts’ efforts to make a difference in the lives of the American Mustang breed, he invited mustang owner and advocate, actress Wendie Malick to share her ultimate wish for Christmas. She enthusiastically supported Monty’s wish to create more efficacious ways to educate the public and to control the populations through birth control. Keith Dane of the HSUS was also on to give the state of the numbers and needs of the Bureau of Land Management herds. The entire interview will be posted on February 1, 2018 on HorsemanshipRadio.com  
American Professional Polo Player Nic Roldan also added to the hour by sharing his wishes this year for the ultimate horsey Christmas gift. He phoned in from Argentina to add to the celebrity heavy weight of the hour. 
Title sponsors of the Horsemanship Radio show are Omega Fields who support the podcast which airs on the first and the fifteenth of every month. Show sponsors are Cavallo Hoofboots and MontyRobertsUniversity.com  
Glenn and Jenn Hebert, founders of the Horse Radio Network managed to mount this huge undertaking of more than 24 Equestrian Guests, hundreds of callers, and over $4,000 in prizes for the third year in a row. All the recorded shows can be found here http://radiothon.horseradionetwork.com/




Monty Roberts Holiday and Appearance Announcements

November 29th, 2017

November 29, 2017 Solvang, California: Monty Roberts is in his 27th year of touring the globe, demonstrating methods of nonviolent training of horses brought to him by members of the audience, both in the saddle and from the ground. The best nights of each tour are edited into a show Roberts calls Backstage Pass of the most challenging and endearing horses from tour. Just released on Monty’s website, 13 all new episodes of Monty’s Backstage Pass television series is here https://vimeo.com/montyroberts/vod_pages. The series is comprised of the most spooky horses, new starters, head shy horses, horses that won’t load, buckers, hard to mount horses, and more as they learn from their session with Monty’s gentle methods.

In a rare USA appearance, people can see Monty Roberts demonstrating his famous techniques January 6 in Temecula California at the US West Coast Dressage Festival Master Class Series. Olympians such as Boyd Martin, Laura Graves, Helen Langehanenberg and Charlotte Dujardin will also be demonstrating their talents and teaching in a series of dates in nearby Del Mar. Read more here https://us.westcoastdressagefestival.com/new-adequan-west-coast-dressage-festival-masterclass-series/

Another opportunity to learn from Roberts is a four part series with Martin Clunes (TV’s Doc Martin) just added to his Equus Online University interactive online lesson site. The series includes Join-Up with Martin Clunes: Ronnie the Draft Horse Needs Ground Training, Ronnie is Afraid of Crowds, Ronnie Learns to Relax, and Ronnie the Great Riding Horse. There is serious humor involved in this series as Martin needed to get Ronnie ready for the Royal Windsor Horse Show where Carl Hester would ride him but Ronnie was very afraid of the crowd noise.

Roberts told Clunes, “I scored Ronnie’s demonstration really high for educational reasons and will be adding it to my Equus Online University.” See the series here https://montyrobertsuniversity.com/training/2031189105

New to Monty’s equipment line up, the Monty’s Signature Saddle by Butterfly is ideal for riders who want a saddle for trail riding, small jumps and dressage. By simply changing the Velcro® mounted knee blocks a rider can customize the saddle to their preference in under a minute. The flexibility of the saddle tree’s system makes it possible to saddle almost every kind of horse, as the saddle’s flexibility compensates for any differences in shape. More details here https://montyrobertsshop.com/collections/equipment

Horse persons interested in saving on packages of training equipment, video and books, Monty’s Join-Up Kit with Backpack includes all these items at a packaged price. https://montyrobertsshop.com/collections/equipment
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• Plus a percentage of each sale goes to support Join-Up International and the Horse Sense & Healing program





Monty Roberts Joins West Coast Masterclass Dressage Series in 2018

October 31st, 2017

October 31, 2017 Solvang, California: Monty Roberts has joined with Olympians to be a part of the West Coast Dressage Festival Masterclass Series. Roberts will demonstrate his expertise and skill, first in Temecula, California at Galway Downs on January 6, 2018.

“I’m pleased to be kicking off the Masterclass Series with Boyd Martin who has one of the biggest hearts in the equestrian world, both for his horses and for his sport” said Monty Roberts about the January 6 event in Temecula where he will be demonstrating his Join-Up methods with dressage horses.

The festival dates start January 6 and finish up in Del Mar on February 17 with a variety of demonstrations from Laura Graves, Helen Langehanenberg and Charlotte Dujardin.

Roberts added, “Promoter, Scott Hayes has put together an ambitious schedule bringing world class talents to the West coast of California.

Scott Hayes said “We are also happy to announce our presenters, world champions Edward Gal who will work with the FEI level horses and riders, Hans Peter Minderhoud, who will work with the young horse and stallion combinations with demonstrations provided by Monty Roberts, starting young dressage horses with his Join-Up method. This will be held at El Campeon Farms in Thousand Oaks, California. Shopping will be plentiful; the venue will be intimate. We cannot wait for this exciting fifth anniversary convention.”

Monty Roberts will be demonstrating his practical techniques to help horses from the ground and with ridden challenges.

Roberts’ first public demonstrations were in the United States beginning in 1986. They were limited to two or three public demonstrations per year. It was April of 1989 that he was invited by Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II to demonstrate at Windsor Castle. At the conclusion of one week’s work, Her Majesty arranged for 21 cities and 98 horses more, added to the 23 horses Roberts worked with at Windsor in a five-day period of time. The total on the trip was 121 horses.


Monty Roberts on Training Draft Horses

October 31st, 2017

October 30, 2017 Solvang, California: Monty Roberts is in his 27th year of touring the globe, demonstrating the methods of nonviolent training of horses, both in the saddle and from the ground. The four part series includes Join-Up with Martin Clunes: Ronnie the Draft Horse Needs Ground Training, Join-Up with Martin Clunes: Ronnie is Afraid of Crowds, Join-Up with Martin Clunes: Ronnie Learns to Relax, Join-Up with Martin Clunes: Ronnie the Great Riding Horse.

“I needed to get Ronnie ready for the Royal Windsor Horse Show where Carl Hester will ride him and I needed Monty to get him over being afraid of the crowd noise” owner Martin Clunes told Roberts. Clunes is the British actor famous for his role as Doc Martin on television.

Roberts replied, “Why not!? But we’ve got to get him right!” and proceeded to train Ronnie in front of the sold out audience in England. “I scored Ronnie’s demonstration really high for educational reasons and have added it to my Equus Online University.”

Monty Roberts and his team developed the first of its kind Equus Online University; an interactive online lesson site, already being considered the most effective educational tool for horsemen on the web. Launching in 2009 and adding a new video lesson every week has now established the learning system as the most comprehensive globally. It was important to Roberts to not only quantify the language of the horses he calls Equus, but also to share its interpretation with lessons from world renowned horse persons such as Stefan Peters and Jan Ebeling from dressage, Will Simpson from Olympic jumping and Phillip Ralls from Western Reining.

Since launching, Monty Roberts, Richard Winters, Charlotte Bredahl-Baker and many more have contributed their knowledge of horsemanship. “Considered a rosetta stone for horse communication, one of gestures like signing for the deaf, online lessons are available 24/7 have contributed greatly to the encouragement and study of non-violent training of horses.” said Roberts. He wants the global impact to spread in his lifetime and encourages interested persons to log on at http://montyrobertsuniversity.com/library and have a free look around.

When Monty Roberts was invited by Queen Elizabeth II in 1989 to demonstrate his understanding of horsemanship, horse training’s 6000 year old tradition was forever changed. Roberts had cracked the code on the communication system horses used to survive for millions of years before humans had domesticated them. Roberts demonstrated concepts that drew a line at pain in training and his life’s goal is to leave the world a better place for horses and for people, too.

Debbie Roberts-Loucks, Monty’s daughter, spearheaded the development, “We are, first and foremost, advocates for keeping horses in people’s lives. The more than 480 video lessons are in categories of Ground Work from foundational to Advanced and Ridden Work, from foundational to problem solving. And there is a terrific forum plus a searchable data base of over 600 Questions and Answers from Monty with a handy search bar.”


Roberts Awarded Five Times at EQUUS INTERNATIONAL Film Festival™

September 20th, 2017
September 20, 2017 Solvang, California: As Monty Roberts readies himself to tour from October to December demonstrating his Join-Up® techniques to audiences across Europe, he made a side trip to Montana for the Equus International Film Festival (think Sundance Film Festival in Aspen, but everything about equestrian). Roberts was there to accept the Equine Icon Award from Janet Rose and the Equus International Film Festival, but was surprised and honored by four additional awards across a spectrum of media his production team had created and entered.
This first annual Equine Icon Award recognized the individual who has had a dramatic and critical impact on the lives of horses and who represents either directly or indirectly, an Icon of the Equine/Human Bond. EIFF recognized Roberts with this premier award, also on the 10th anniversary of the founding of Horse Haven Montana, the horse sanctuary cause behind the film festival. 
“The festival we feel, truly has the potential to make a difference in the lives of thousands (of horses and humans), with the right messages, exposure and stories.  Monty and his daughter Debbie certainly exemplify the hope we all share for the future of the horse/human relationship.” said Janet Rose, founder of EIFF. https://equusinternationalfilmfestival.com/ 
Monty opened the festival by introducing himself as “the luckiest man on earth” able to at age 82 travel and train horses globally. He noted that his team was responsible for delivering footage of Monty’s work in creative ways which appealed to and inspired a broad audience of interested persons. He introduced his daughter Debbie Roberts Loucks as his Legacy Strategist and as the inspiration for creating the production company that delivers the message of non-violent training in the many forms.

Monty Roberts and director Jeanine Moret won for “Whisper” in the Music Video Category which opened the Festival as the featured music video. The song was written by Rick Caballo, Bill DiLuigi and Mike Ward. The song was performed by Carl Jackson. The content was filmed during Monty’s Gentling Wild Horses course in Solvang, California by Dawn Perrine. 

The award for Best Short Series went to Palm Island: Horse Sense for People about the indigenous youth of Australia being helped by Monty and the horses, directed by Tara King.
The award for Best Series went to Backstage Pass from Monty Roberts Productions filmed by Simon Palmer and edited by Dawn Perrine and Jeanine Moret. 
The award for Best Equine/Human Bond went to Shy Boy The Horse that Came in from the Wild from Monty Roberts Productions directed by LaVoy Shepard.

The festival devoted an hour to a Monty Roberts Retrospective, incorporating several works entered which demonstrated Monty’s work with horses and with people too. For more about all the awards, see the festival website here: https://equusinternationalfilmfestival.com/festival-award-winners-2017/
The Best of Festival award went to Talking to the Air The Horses of the Last Forbidden Kingdom directed by Sophie Pegrum. Talking to the Air also tied for Best Documentary with Herd directed by Stefan Morel. 

The Lifetime Achievement Award went to Smoke Elser for his extraordinary work in the Back Country with people and horses. 

Monty Roberts’ life’s goal is “to leave the world a better place than I found it, for horse and for people too.” 

Monty Roberts Shares the Story of the Spanish Riding School

August 31st, 2017

Solvang, CA, August 31, 2017:  Even world-famous horse trainers can be awed by opportunities when they recognize a chance of a lifetime. At 82, while on tour in Europe, Monty Roberts received an invitation to demonstrate his methods of Join-Up® in the famous school on the 2nd July, 2017 in Vienna. Horsemanship Radio asked Roberts to share his experience in a special interview, no other outside trainer has ever been able to grant. 
On September 1, 2017 Horsemanship Radio will post the full length interview with Monty Roberts at www.HorsemanshipRadio.com 

The traditional Spanish Riding School, where the art of classic dressage education has been cultivated for 465 years, opened its doors for the first time for a demonstration of horse mastership by a trainer other than one of their own. Roberts’ understanding of horses is characterized by body language and based on the natural behavior of Equus, the flight animal which recognizes intent and will follow and work with a trustworthy horseman. Roberts has won nine world championships himself in the show ring, as well as training countless champions in his storied career. 
Monty sees himself as a gentler of horses who encourages all breeds to a trusting relationship with humans in all disciplines. Roberts accepted the invitation to demonstrate at the Spanish Riding School as,  “…a dream fulfilled. I always wanted to go see the Spanish Riding School” said Roberts. “This was a pivotal day in my life. You could call it the pinnacle. I am 82 but I feel 12 years old!”
The Spanish Riding School brought Roberts five horses of different origins, one untrained, one to gentle, two with problems and one that refused to load in a trailer. One belonged to the Head of Communications for the School, Andrea Kerssenbrock: 

“I’m in love with my horse and the bond between us became stronger than before this unique experience. I appreciate so much that we have had these days with Monty.” said Kerssenbrock, owner of Amos who was the first mount in the demonstration that night. She and her husband Franziskus von Kerssenbrock brought Amos for Roberts to train. “Amos behaved like a real ‘champion’ – relaxed and trusting. We’re supposed to take good care of him, the deeply impressed Monty Roberts gave us the way. We will!”

Each horse was dealt with in the absence of violence and all five met their intended goals. Listen to more on September 1, 2017 on 


Does it matter what words you use with your horse?

August 15th, 2017

Monty’s Answer:

Dear Gale,

Thank you for asking the question regarding horses and how they process words and or sounds. Please be aware that I am fully in favor of all of the statements made by our online student, Kiki, below who took the Monty’s Challenge and sent her answer in. She gives us a fairly comprehensive answer, and I agree with each of the elements outlined in her answer. The only comments I would make to expand upon that answer is that there was no reference to diaphragmatic breathing. Diaphragmatic breathing is that practice whereby we can use that diaphragm (flat muscle separating lungs from intestines) which can extend by dropping down, an act which causes the thoracic cavity to become significantly enlarged.

Causing the area of the lungs to be larger does more than just allow for a greater volume of air. When this occurs, it automatically lengthens our vocal chords. Any singing, acting or speech coach will tell you that diaphragmatic breathing will lengthen the vocal chords, consequently enriching the quality of voice. Breathing high or raising the diaphragm will cause it to take on a dome shape. This shortens the vocal chords and reduces the volume of air. Adrenaline will automatically tend to cause the human anatomy to elevate the diaphragm.

Conversely the reduction of adrenaline will tend to cause the human anatomy to power the center of the diaphragm, creating the desired affect. It seems clear to me that the earliest riders learned to cause their horse to relax, stop and also to stand still when they said the word ‘Whoa.’ Horses will habituate to virtually any sound, so you could teach a horse to stop when you say, “YIKES!” But the word Yikes tends to cause the human to breath high in the chest which does not allow for diaphragmatic breathing. Your horse will eventually stop when you say Yikes! but he will habituate more successfully when you say Whoa!

Recently, I met a man named Dr. Peter Levine. He took me one step further and said “Why don’t you try the word Voooooo (rhymes with Booooo).” Wow! When I tried it, I quickly learned that putting your lower lip behind your front teeth to make the V sets one up to more easily lengthen the vocal chords and you begin to use the letters OOOOO. I tried it by alternating the Whoas and Vooos. Surprisingly I discovered that the Vooo does cause a greater vibration within the chest cavity. Should one choose to school your horse with the Vooo it is my opinion that you will be more successful than using the word Whoa. Give this one a try on your own.

It is likely that I am the first person to ever write about what causes a horse to go faster when using a high squeak or cluck. Defining the act of causing a horse to go faster by using the kissing or clucking sound undoubtedly relates to a response to a predator breaking twigs in the bush, forest or chaparral. I learned it in a funny way by watching a David Attenborough documentary and realizing that the lioness moves her advancing foot sideways a few strokes to clear any twigs from the ground before pressing her weight down which would undoubtedly break the twigs signaling the prey animal to get the heck out of there.

As our student Kiki below suggests, one can train any action with any word depending on the number of times that you use the word and request the action. To enhance the learning process, if one uses the closest sound to what innately produces the desired action, the faster one can expect to get the desired results. If you want to take a long time to teach your horse to stop, run him fast and yell out Yikes! You will eventually get it but your horse might be very old and unable to run fast at that point. As horsemen each of us should be working hard to meet the needs of our horse by giving him the clearest possible communication.

From our student Kiki:

To me this is a two-fold question. Are you just “making friendly conversation, or are you teaching a command?

On the first situation, I would say that I do believe they appreciate – sometimes even need – that we talk to them, but words or language is of no importance since horses aren’t using words themselves, nor have a proper spoken language. The important thing is how you use your voice.

Let’s agree that you can influence a horse a lot with your voice, like you can soothe a horse by talking in soft, low tones. Contrary, I knew a lovely person once who made all animals jumpy and nervous simply because she had a very sharp, shrill voice and talked very fast.

(And here I could go into personalities and body language as well, since talking slowly and softly generally slows you down, making you appear calmer – and I’m sure your mental picture of the shrill voiced person is of someone with jerky, fast movements – but I digress.)

Now, if you angrily scold your horse with the words: “Good boy!”, or murmur loving praise by saying: “I’m gonna kill you, you dirty ape” (or whatever expletive that comes to mind) the horse will still react to your tone of voice, not the words because (I believe) they communicate more with emotions and body language than we do.

Mind you, repetition creates mindsets, so maybe not use “good boy” too much to berate your horse or it just might get an unintended reaction once you use it to praise…

And with that caveat in mind I am moving on to the other situation: teaching a command.

Some research has established that horses can be compared with 3-year old kids in intelligence when it comes to understanding and capability of learning, so they are supposed to be able to learn over a 100 different words.

And we do use a lot of word cues and various clicking of tongue sounds with our horses; Whoa, trot, lift the foot, stand still, no – and so on. So, obviously, they can learn and understand quite a lot of words and other cues/signals once we have repeated it enough times for them to understand.

The important thing here is not confusing a horse with different signals for the same thing or vice versa; same word for different things.

If you want him to trot at the word “Pie!” then you should always use that word for trot and nothing but trot.

Likewise, if you want him to stop at the word “Custard!” you can’t also use it to slow him down, or shout five other words at him until he actually stops.

So words are important then? Well, yes and no, just mind the difference!

General communication with your horse is based more on immediate emotions – like when we separate wanted and unwanted behavior by way of praising or scolding, calming or exciting noises. Or just “hang out”, being in each others company.

Commands/cues are clear and (preferably anyway) void of emotion, asking promptly for a specific reaction. For example, you don’t generally modulate your tone of voice to get either trot or canter, but you do when you reward the following effort.

Summary: Tone of voice is more important than what words you use in communication. But words repeated enough times to be connected to a specific event/reaction will eventually be understood by the horse. What words/sounds/cues you decide to teach him is up to you, so choose with care – and have fun communicating with your horse!


Life Lessons at the Upcoming Monty Roberts Special Training

July 17th, 2017

July 17, 2017 Solvang, California: Come and discover what horses have to teach us about lowering stress, and building trust at the Monty Roberts Special Training to be held at Flag Is Up Farms, in Solvang, California, from July 30- August 4, 2017.

“This intensive five-day training is the perfect environment for connecting with peers who know that horses have a lot to teach”, commented Certified Instructor Claire Connaghan. “You will learn how Monty Roberts keeps stress out of his life with horses, and how to develop the motivation and resilience to achieve your life’s goals”, Connaghan added.Roberts, the New York Times bestselling author of The Man Who Listens to Horses will share his life story about overcoming barriers, motivating yourself and lowering your stress levels to achieve your goals.At the workshop, Monty will work with a range of young and remedial horses. By observing this unique and gifted man, participants will gain first-hand knowledge during demonstrations, lectures, and discussions. This class is for the novice rider, the non-rider, as well as the advanced student who wants to observe a master at work. Monty will also demonstrate how to communicate with horses in their natural language in various situations during this intensive 5-day class.

“The workshop is formatted to provide you with the educational tools you need to address leadership issues, ground manners, teaching to tie, crossing water (and/or obstacles), loading, head-shyness, mounting, bucking, standing for the farrier, kicking, and biting”, Connaghan continued. This exclusive training program helps you better understand problem solving using Monty’s violence-free training methods. Come and spend time with like-minded people absorbing what non-violent communication can be. Enjoy lunch and lively discussions too with Monty and students from around the world.

Monty Roberts’ life’s goal is “to leave the world a better place than I found it, for horse and for people too.”
For more information, contact Flag Is Up Farms at (805) 688-3483 or email admin@join-up.org. See a short video from student’s about the course: https://youtu.be/pDUIsFt74d0

See a Brazilian’s student’s perspective when you click on this video link: http://youtu.be/1iZX8uDiO9I



Monty Roberts Recognized by EQUUS INTERNATIONAL Film Festival®

June 30th, 2017

June 30, 2017 Solvang, California: As Monty Roberts travels to Vienna to demonstrate his Join-Up® techniques to an audience inside one of the oldest, most traditional equestrian programs on earth, The Spanish Riding School in Austria, he accepted another invitation to accept the Equine Icon Award from Janet Rose and the Equus International Film Festival in Missoula Montana in September 2017.

This first annual Equine Icon Award will recognize the individual who has had a dramatic and critical impact on the lives of horses and who represents either directly or indirectly, an Icon of the Equine/Human Bond. EIFF will recognize Roberts with this premier award, also on the 10th anniversary of the founding of Horse Haven Montana, the cause behind the film festival. 

“The festival we feel, truly has the potential to make a difference in the lives of thousands (of horses and humans), with the right messages, exposure and stories.  Monty and his daughter Debbie certainly exemplify the hope we all share for the future of the horse/human relationship.” said Janet Rose, founder of EIFF. https://equusinternationalfilmfestival.com/ 

Still very active in the industry, Monty Roberts has been asked to attend and demonstrate his gentle horse training techniques, Join-Up® for the Spanish Riding School of Vienna where the famous white Lipizzaner Stallions perform. http://www.srs.at/spanish-riding-school-invites-monty-roberts/ 

Earlier this year Monty was nominated for the 2017 Equine Industry Vision Award  annually given by the American Horse Publications, the first major award to showcase innovation across the equine industry. Sponsored by Zoetis, the award is intended to recognize ingenuity and service.

Recently, Monty Roberts and director Jeanine Moret were nominated for “Whisper” as a Finalist in the Music Video Category for Equus International Film Festival which will open the Festival as the featured music video. 

Also, Monty Roberts took 2nd at the 2017 AHP Equine Media Awards for material published in 2016 for his submission on  HorsemanshipRadio.com in the division of Equine-related Podcast, Horsemanship Radio Special Episode – Priscilla Presley on the Tennessee Walking Horse Situation published September 2, 2016. Support for this podcast is provided by:  OmegaFields.com   MontyRobertsUniversity.com  and  https://www.cavallo-inc.com/ 

Monty Roberts’ life’s goal is “to leave the world a better place than I found it, for horse and for people too.” 

Spanish Riding School Invites Monty Roberts

June 30th, 2017
Vienna, 2017: The world-famous horse trainer Monty Roberts, also known as “horse whisperer”, stops on the 2nd July 2017 at the Spanish Riding School.

The Spanish Riding School is very pleased to be able to spontaneously invite Monty Roberts to a show at the winter school after his short visit in April. The world famous horse trainer will come to Vienna on the first weekend in July, where he will demonstrate his art of horse communication on Sunday evening. While the Lipizzan horsemen of the Spanish Riding School enjoy their summer holidays at the Heringsberg training center, Monty Roberts will be showing his program with horses of different origins.

The traditional Spanish Riding School, where the art of classic dressage education has been cultivated for more than 450 years, has opened its doors for the first time for a show of the now 82-year-old Monty Roberts. The man, whose understanding of horses is characterized by body language, demonstrates his method Join-Up® with four horses. Three classic horse themes will be shown – the start of a raw horse, the handling of terrifying horses and a loading operation.

Monty Roberts’ training is based on the natural behavior of Equus, the flight animal, which recognizes intent and will follow and work with a trustworthy horseman. Monty sees himself as gentler of horses who encourages all breeds to a trusting relationship with humans in all disciplines. Monty Roberts accepted his invitation to demonstrate at the Spanish Riding School with great joy for the opportunity. For him, as he says modestly, a dream is fulfilled. But also for the Spanish Riding School it is a great honor to welcome him as a guest.

Tickets are now available online at 
www.srs.at available here: http://www3.oeticket.com/srs/de/tickets/monty-roberts-wien-spanische-hofreitschule-466572/event.html 

For further information and interviews, please contact Andrea Kerssenbrock, Head of Communications Spanish Riding School,