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Certification Courses

The Monty Roberts International Learning Center offers the certification courses below, as well as more succinct, short duration courses (click here to see these). The curriculum offers students predictable, discernible, and effective tools to communicate with horses using their own natural language, forming a partnership based on trust and communication rather than dominance.

Included in your sign up is a year’s subscription to ‘Monty’s Equus online University’ this will give you a great start prior to the course and a greater idea of what you will be learning and doing in the round pen during your course. And the ongoing education that you will have with the Uni will give you great practice and exercises to continue with at home while working towards your exams.

To learn more about the certification courses offered by the Monty Roberts International Learning Center, click the titles listed below.

Visit our courses page to obtain our Registration & Application forms as well as information on accommodation available in the area. You can also call (805) 688-3483 to learn more.

Introductory & Advanced Training Courses

The Introductory Course and the Advanced Course provide a strong foundation in Monty’s Join-Up methods and will give you the tools you need to become a professional in the equine industry using his revolutionary, gentle training and communication principles.

Both programs have a three-section design.

  • The first section, consisting of two to three weeks of learning, is completed here at the Monty Roberts International Learning Center at Flag Is Up Farms.
  • The second section consists of distance learning modules and field study in which the student returns to their area of origin to complete videotapes and coursework each month. The time frame of the field study is variable depending on student commitments, however we recommend several months of practice.
  • The third and final section consists of a one to two week period containing both review and examinations

Introductory Course

The Introductory Course is the first step to gain an in-depth understanding of Monty’s concepts. Students from various equine backgrounds are welcome to take part, as there are no prerequisites. To those of you with little or no horse knowledge, we recommend prior participation in the H101 Clinic.

The Introductory Course is designed to provide you with a well-rounded knowledge in general horsemanship in the basics of horse performance, breeding, feeding and nutrition, with a strong emphasis on horse psychology. As the foundation of Monty’s work and a prerequisite for the Advanced Course, you will learn the method of Join-Up® as it relates to various environments. You will have the opportunity to build your skills in Dually™ halter work, long lining, herding exercises and loading.

The training begins at the Monty Roberts International Learning Center where your first two weeks consist of hands-on experience as well as theories in horse psychology. Following this you will return home to complete several months of distance learning modules and field study (submitted via videotape every other month). It is during the field study period that you learn about horse performance, breeding, feeding and nutrition through a distance-learning program. Then you will return for practical and written exams, at the successful completion of which you will graduate from the Introductory Program.

Graduates of the Introductory Course are offered the opportunity to continue their education by completing the Advanced Course and, upon personal selection by Monty, the Instructors’ Internship. Only Certified Instructors are able to teach, demonstrate and advertise their services for monetary gain.

(805) 688-3483 to book or email or for more details.

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Advanced Course

The Advanced Course offers students the opportunity to broaden their knowledge in training both un-started and untouched horses. This training is the next step on the pathway towards becoming a qualified Instructor, and to attend the Advanced Course you must be a graduate of the Introductory Course.

You will be given the tools to expand your knowledge and overall experience in Monty’s concepts, with this three-stage program focusing on practical solutions to real situations. You will have the opportunity to test your problem solving skills and stimulate your creative thinking ability while learning to become more aware of what creates remedial horse behavior.

Following the initial two-week intensive period, you will return home to complete several months of field study to be submitted via videotape. You will then return for two weeks of written and practical exams, at the successful completion of which you will graduate from the Advanced Course.

(805) 688-3483 to book or email or for more details.

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Monty Roberts’ Instructor’s Internship

On successful completion of the Advanced Course selected students may be invited for the Instructor’s Internship. This internship has been created for students wishing to become certified Instructors in the Monty Roberts methodology. Certified Instructors are qualified to teach Join-Up® and Long-Lining classes worldwide as well as the Monty Roberts Introductory Course and Horsemanship 101 classes.

The internship consists of a minimum of three months at Flag Is Up Farms, during which time you will assist with teaching and learn the skills necessary to run your own business. Existing Instructors will guide you through this process, and Monty will check your progress regularly.

Monty will assess you at the end of your three months, and depending on your progress, you may need to complete further training, or you may be ready to graduate and join the exclusive and limited ranks of Monty Roberts Instructors!

For further details please contact the MRILC at 805-688-3483 and speak to our team of friendly Instructors. Or email or for more details.

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